Making A Difference

What life have you touched today? In what small way did it matter. – The tiny man

We can go through life as a spectator. Never participating and just enjoying the acts of others. Some would say it may even be best. You can watch as good deeds go unnoticed, or good intentions have dire consequences that were never imagined. As a spectator though, you are safe from such things. Your only job is to watch and wonder. It is safe,

Silhouette of Man in Front of Tv

But in that safety comes a heavy price. When you watch others struggle, you do not struggle, but you’ll never know what it is to overcome an adversity with someone. To be that hand that pulls them through and shows them there is still decency in the world, and when you are the one calling out for decency, you will be glad there is a hand reaching out. Struggle also gives us the greatest friends, comrades, and confidants. You learn to trust and be trusted. When you make someone who is hurt or hopeless smile, you will find real joy. The joy of others can lift a person’s broken spirit like few things can. Being the spectator is safe, but loneliness is a price that few should be willing to pay.

Eight Person Huddling

I’m not foolish enough to tell you that it’s some magically thing where whenever you help someone it’ll turn out to change your life for the better. Rather, I’d say people change lives in general. You won’t always know if it will be good or not, but if you play it safe, nothing will change. For some, myself at times, they are okay with that. For most, go boldly forwards and make a difference.


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